FACT Grants Funds to HiTOPS

HiTOPS was established in 1987 as a youth-focused healthcare and education center to address concerns for the HIV epidemic and requests for reproductive healthcare. Over HiTOPS 25 year history, programs and services have expanded to address the changing health needs of young people, ages 11 to 26, and to serve the increasing number of requests for services throughout the state.

HiTOPS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the intended impact of healthy, empowered youth who make health-enhancing choices and avoid long-term negative health outcomes.

To accomplish this, HiTOPS implements a 3-pronged model of health education (prevention and risk reduction), healthcare (engaged intervention), and support designed to reduce risk behaviors and promote positive youth development.

FACT is thrilled to be able to grant funds to HiTOPS so that they can continue providing the needed services.  For more information on HiTops visit http://hitops.org/

   Catherine Voucher of HiTOPS accepts grant funds from FACT president, Louis Licitra