February 12, 2023 • 7pm


We offer financial assistance to help people living with HIV pay emergency expenses.

We provide links to community health and human resources in our region.

We offer the public information about prevention and treatment options that help to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.

We provide grants to help nonprofit health and human service organizations provide HIV/AIDS education and services.


We raise funds with generous donations from people like you. DONATE today.

With funds raised from our quarterly themed BINGO games and other fundraising events held annually.

With sponsor donations from local businesses and corporations.

We seek out, and are awarded grants from other non-profit organizations.


Anyone who may be at risk of contracting HIV.

People who have tested positive and are living with the HIV/AIDS virus.

We serve everyone no matter their ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Eligibility clients must be a US citizen and reside in Bucks, Hunterdon or Mercer Counties. Registered with a Care Management Provider.

Ask your healthcare provider how they can get you the extra help you need. Doctors, Clinics and Service Providers can obtain funds for clients from FACT’s Contingency Committee. All information is confidential and all client’s files are maintained as anonymous and assigned an identification number so the clients’ identity is never disclosed. Clients must live in one of our three servicing counties (Bucks, Hunterdon or Mercer) to qualify and must apply through the Health Care Services Provider.

Providers >  Receive a funding request form directly from our FACT New Hope office via email or by calling 215-862-332