Letter From The President – 2nd Quarter 2012

From Louis Licitra, President

Dear Friends,

We are now well into 2012 and hoping for a great summer for everyone. FACT is excited about adding two more members to our all-volunteer board of directors. Janis Richards and Cora Berke have recently been appointed and I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome them. Where’s the “INFACT” newsletter?  Answer: We are now going green and trying to cut costs!  Our local New Hope and Buckingham UPS Stores have assisted us in having our newsletter printed, and we offer our thanks to David and Vicky Child for all that they do for us and our other local non-profit organizations.  We will send mailings with some additional reminders, but we now have events and information located at FACT’s updated & improved web site (FACTBucksCounty.org), which is now up and running.  IMBUE Creative has assisted us and has done a great job in updating and revising our old site.  We will have new content and it will be easier for us to add information and, hopefully, secure some additional donations and funding. Be sure that you subscribe to our distribution list so that FACT can stay in touch with you and remind you of upcoming events.

For over 20 years, FACT Bucks County is here to assist many people in our local communities with everyday living expenses.  The need for our services has not diminished and has actually been on the increase.  There are various reasons for the increase in requests to FACT; mostly being the economy and reduced funding from other sources.  We intend to continue our mission and offer what we can to our neighbors living with HIV/AIDS; we have given thousands of dollars in assistanceFunds are distributed locally and are requested by healthcare providers for clients living in Bucks, Mercer and Hunterdon Counties; clients are anonymous, are assigned an identification number by their provider and have to reside in these counties.  [FACT=”Fighting AIDS Continuously Together”]

Our quarterly BINGO Events and our Annual AIDS WALK have been our main source of funding.  We thank all of you who have sponsored and attended our events.  Please be sure to see who does sponsor us and, if you can, support those businesses that give so much to our cause.

We have some ambitious goals for the future, so we hope that you will keep donating and remember to join us as an annual member; both can easily be done on-line by going to our web site. 

We are always appreciative of our community’s support and we hope to see you soon!


September 12~Fall BINGO, September 23~AIDS WALK and December 12~“Jingle Bell BINGO”.

A special big FACT thank you to Gene Underwood for designing our popular AIDS WALK T-Shirts!