Who Says Fund Raising Isn’t Fun?

A big FACT Thank You goes to Gary Scibelli owner of New Hope Shoes, North Main Street~New Hope and FACT board member for raising over $650.00 in donations in Provincetown (PTown), MA.  Gary has always given great support to FACT, this time he “worked the streets” of P-Town in feathers and lace during the T-dance hours at recent stay at this GLBT vacationland and “solicited” donations from tourists and locals alike.  Gary also starred in the New Hope production of Norma Doesmen, a home-grown spoof on the classic movie Sunset Boulevard.  Gary also has a FACT donation jar at New Hope Shoes, so stop by and say hello, buy some shoes and make a donation!  We also thank the White Wind Inn of Provincetown for the use of their front porch for part of this fund raising “experience”…you just had to be there!  Everyone wanted their picture taken with this diva!

(Picture: Gary works the streets of PTown for FACT! Thank you Phil C. for taking the picture)