Planned Parenthood Keystone Receives funds from FACT Bucks County for Rapid HIV Testing Program and Education


Planned Parenthood Keystone received a grant at the October (2013) board meeting of FACT Bucks County.  There are many programs that Planned Parenthood has in place and one of them is Rapid HIV Testing and FACT has given them this grant for the continuation and expansion of this program.  The Centers for Disease Control statistics show that 1 out of 5 Americans positive for HIV are unaware of their status.  31% of people tested “conventionally” never return for their results.  Rapid HIV Testing gives results in about 20 minutes allowing for improved access and knowledge of the results.  The outcome and objectives that Planned Parenthood has for their Rapid HIV Testing are to introduce the testing to all four of the medical centers in Bucks County with a goal of testing up to 200 clients and to increase the number of tests performed.  Planned Parenthood is a trusted provider of Education & Training and is a known presence in our local communities.  Educational sessions will be provided at various locations throughout Bucks County with a goal in reaching over 500 residents.  They will be distributing FREE safer sex supplies and will promote Rapid HIV Testing (Additional info on Rapid HIV Test visit:

FACT Bucks County is proud to be able to assist Planned Parenthood in this service.   For more information on Planned Parenthood Keystone visit:


Andrea Dolak (left) and John Moeller (center) of  Planned Parenthood Keystone accepts grant funds from Louis Licitra, FACT President