New Hope Celebrates and EDGE Media Network announce free New Hope Pride App available for iPhone

“Small town with big ideas,” and now an App to facilitate official New Hope Celebrates Pride Activities May 12th– 19th 2013 

New Hope Celebrates (NHC), the all-volunteer gay and lesbian marketing organization of Bucks County, Pa., announced today that their official New Hope Pride App is now available to download from the iTunes App Store. Through the NHC App, developed in partnership between NHC and EDGE Media Network, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will be able to keep track of festivities during Pride Week in May as well as all other official New Hope Pride events throughout the year. In addition to keeping abreast of updates, users can upload photos, and connect with other revelers.

“We’re very excited to unveil our first ever App,” said Daniel Brooks, founder and president of New Hope Celebrates, “Thousands of folks from all walks of life come annually to celebrate New Hope Celebrates Pride week, and the numbers grow every year. Now they will be able to share our annual “countdown” to Pride, plus our many future events, in one touch.” 

Gordon Pulaski, NHC’s art director, added: “We’ve always been a progressive and creative community in New Hope. Our volunteer professional team has been working hard and continues to “push the envelope” in presenting information quickly, socially relevant and far-reaching.  Now in our tenth year, we have built an exciting, award winning brand and have garnered accolades for our graphics, “game-changing” events, and over all multi-media marketing approach. We are a small town but one with a lot of vitality and talent. The NHC app is yet another example of the community connecting and coming together to advance our strength and activities.”

The app was designed and developed by EDGE Media Network, working with NHC. Headquartered in Boston, EDGE is the largest network of local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) news and entertainment portals in the world, serving about one million dedicated readers from a variety of metropolitan areas around the United States and beyond.

“At EDGE, we believe that the LGBT community is a diverse, dynamic group of individuals,” said David Foucher, chief executive officer of EDGE. “Developing this app is another way we achieve the goal of connecting members of the LGBT community together.  We’re pleased to be working with New Hope Celebrates on this project and we look forward to seeing people at New Hope Celebrates Pride week using this app to enhance their celebration experience.”

The New Hope Pride App is immediately available for iPhone users to download free of cost, from the iTunes App Store. A Droid version, for the non-iPhone users, will also follow in the spring.

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Here is the link to download the APP….