New Hope Boro Forms Civic Sector Task Force-FACT Participates

FACT Bucks County is now part of the New Hope Borough’s newly formed Civic Sector Task Force and FACT board member, Stephanie Sommers Mathews Nagy and FACT President Louis Licitra attend the meetings. This Task Force allows local non-profit and not-for-profit organizations to come together to discuss how best to work as a team to promote the great volunteer organizations that work within the Borough..there are 20+ such organizations. Last night DeeDee Price Bowman discussed how the New Hope Historical Society manages their membership, Kathy Lacomchil of Visit Bucks County apresented information on how the Bucks County Visitor’s Bureau can also assist, Charlie Sahner of the online, New Hope Free Press offered information on how best to publicize events and information and Charlie will also utilize the Free Press’ calendar of events for the non-profits to post, and Louis Licitra also gave some insight in event listing and promoting since FACT Bucks County was recently noted at Borough council for one of the best great sources of online posting of local events from sponsors of FACT; which has become so popular that we will now be doing it on a weekly basis! We have been having some great discussions at these meetings. FACT wants to specifically thank Borough Council members, Bill Scandone, Connie Gering and Geri Delavich for organizing these meetings and believe this will be a terrific tool for our hard working, non and not for profit organizations to better serve our community.

Task Force Image